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A Full-Service San Antonio Structural Design Company

Both commercial and residential property owners throughout the region rely on Tri-Tech structural design company in San Antonio TX. That’s because we provide a full range of civil and structural engineering services performed and carried out by experienced engineering professionals

Why We’re Also a Leading San Antonio Structural Inspection Company

The backbone of a building is its structure. Any weakness, damage or improper fit in the frame, foundation, footings or walls can cause movement, cracks and other potentially costly and dangerous problems.

These problems can be the result of improper building practices, soil shifting, damage or simply wear and tear over time. Whether you’re buying a new property or believe that your current one has structural damages, the engineers at our structural inspection company in San Antonio TX can do a thorough analysis and provide a comprehensive report.

Our San Antonio structural design company uses the latest in engineering technology to spot structural issues including:

  • Cracks and movement in the foundation
  • Damage from insects and animals
  • Soil issues including sink holes
  • Flooding and other water damage

By identifying the damage correctly and completely as early as possible, you can save time, money and further damage by getting the problems fixed before they get worse.

Over 20 Years of Serving San Antonio

Residential and commercial property owners in our region have turned to Tri-Tech since 1994 for all of their engineering, surveying and planning needs. We provide a one-stop shop for all of these services, saving our clients, time, money and stress.

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