San Antonio FEMA Flood Insurance Certificates

There are many questions that property owners may have when it comes to FEMA elevation certificates in San Antonio TX. These certificates can have an effect on your flood insurance policy rates. At Tri-Tech Surveying Co. we know how important it is that a FEMA flood certificate in San Antonio is accurate and you can trust our highly-regarded professionals to provide you with the certificate you need.

Flood Insurance Elevation Certificates in San Antonio TX

Here are some common questions and answers about San Antonio FEMA elevation certificates:

  • What exactly is an elevation certificate? It is an important tool used by the National Flood Insurance Program that determines exactly where your home is compared to the Base Flood Elevation. If your property is in a flood zone, you may want to consider getting one.
  • Who prepares elevation certificates? A license is required to prepare an elevation certificate. Engineers, surveyors and architects can prepare them. Most of these certificates are prepared by the states in which the property is located.
  • Do you need a San Antonio FEMA flood certificate in order to buy flood insurance? No, you can purchase flood insurance without an elevation certificate.
  • Can elevation certificates reduce the amount of flood insurance premiums? In many cases, flood insurance premiums are reduced when using an elevation certificate.

If you don’t have San Antonio FEMA elevation certificates, flood insurance companies will simply assume the worst and charge you the highest rates. Many property owners will go ahead and get an elevation certificate for buildings that are pre-FEMA. This way, they can see if the lowest premiums are pre-FEMA or post-FEMA.

When we survey the property, you are not required to be there, but we do like to have you there. You can pay for your elevation certificate by credit card check, cash or PayPal. To schedule an appointment for San Antonio FEMA elevation certificates, call Tri-Tech Surveying Co at your earliest convenience.