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A Houston Structural Design Company You Can Trust

Whether you’re building a home or commercial structure, ensuring the structural soundness of it is key. When the project is done right the first time, you can help avoid costly re-work and potential litigation that can damage your reputation and your bottom line.

That’s why residential and commercial property owners throughout the region turn to our structural design company in Houston TX. We offer a complete range of civil and structural engineering services performed by some of the most experienced professionals in the business.

Make Tri-Tech Your Houston Structural Inspection Company

In addition to structural design services, we offer structural inspections. The structure of any building is its backbone. This includes walls, roof framing, footings and floors. A weakness in any of these areas can cause movement in the foundation, cracks and other costly and potentially dangerous issues.

Whether you’re considering buying a property or are concerned that your current property may have structural damages, you need a respected structural inspection company in Houston TX to conduct a thorough analysis.

We use the latest technology to spot structural damage and flaws including:

  • Movement, settlement or cracks
  • Damage from termites and other insects
  • Sink holes and other soil issues
  • Water damage

The experienced engineers at our Houston structural design company evaluate the full extent of the damage. The more quickly and thoroughly that a structural problem is identified and dealt with, the less costly and damaging it will likely be overall.

Over Two Decades of Experience

Tri-Tech has been serving the residential and commercial property owners of Houston and surrounding areas since 1994. We’ve earned a reputation for getting the job done right the first time.

We offer a wide range of engineering, surveying and planning services. Why bring in professionals from more than one company when you can save time and money by turning to Tri-Tech for all of these needs?

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