Houston FEMA Flood Insurance Certificates

As a property owner, you may now be required by your mortgage company to carry flood insurance and you may need Houston FEMA elevation certificates. This is because you are now in a high-risk zone per the new Flood Insurance Rate Maps. Other property owners may decide that they want to get flood insurance, based on those new, more accurate maps. Those who already have flood insurance will likely see a change in their insurance rates.

Flood Insurance Elevation Certificates in Houston TX

In order for you to get the right insurance rate, each insurance company will require that all property owners who are located in the new flood plain have a new Houston FEMA flood certificate by a licensed engineer or land surveyor. At Tri-Tech Surveying Co., we can get you these FEMA elevation certificates in Houston TX. This certificate will show the finished floor elevation of your structure relative to the base flood elevation.

Houston Flood Insurance Elevation Certificates

Tri-Tech Surveying Co., can provide you with a free estimate for a FEMA flood certificate in Houston TX. Simply fill out the contact form on our website or give us a call. The Houston FEMA elevation certificate is an important tool for the National Flood Insurance Program. It can determine exactly where your home is located, such as in a flood zone. This is something you may want to dispute, too.

The only people who can prepare such a certificate are engineers, surveyors and architects who are properly licensed to perform such work. Most are prepared by surveyors who are licensed by the states where the property is located.

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